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             Volunteer & Make a Difference!

Do you love cats? If so, please consider volunteering your time to help cats in all kinds of cool and effective ways!
Foster: Consider each cat you foster as a life saved – that’s how important fostering is. It’s a rewarding experience for you, your children and family as a whole. Taking care of cats for a few weeks will pay off dividends – to you and the kittens. Fostering brings the family together, leads to new friendships, teaches children responsibility, and really helps us learn more about ourselves. It’s a challenge of course – but you will be happy you become a foster parent!                        [Apply, takes 2 min]
Events: The internet is great… but it doesn’t solve everything in life. We still need to be out in the community showing off the cats and speaking to supporters. If you’re a people person, retired, or maybe looking to quit your job (just kidding, don’t quit your job, we don’t pay), then this is a great opportunity for you! Our events team could be a great fit for you – and the kitties will love you for helping them.                      [Apply, takes 2 min]
Behavioral Training & Other Special Skills: Some of the cats we take are still a little wild… but we still love them of course. We just need a professional like you to help them settle in life (we all need to settle sometime:/). If you are a master of behavioral training, an animal whisperer or have a special skill which you think can help, we would love to hear from you!                                                      [Apply, takes 2 min]
Adopt: Click here to see some of the awesome cats waiting for you.