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Hello world! We’re the McKinsey’s – Machu, Pichu, SoCo, Dexter and Sofie (mama cat). We were rescued from the old Boomers fun park in Dania Beach. Well actually, it used to be fun for us when that was our home. But it’s being tore down very soon to create a new downtown area for Dania Beach. We understand, we’re not angry. Dania Beach needs a face-lift, and jobs are always great for our human friends.

But now we’re homeless, looking for a place to live. Can you help us? We’re fixed, have our shots and are all types of cute. I mean just look at us. You want us all, right? We just want to find a forever home – this last month has been very tough for us…

And by the way, you have to earn our trust little by little. We need a family who accepts that we are a bit shy and scared right now. I mean we did just get yanked from our home… but we promise we will become very friendly and give you lots of love in the long-term. If you already have kitty friends living with you, donating your time or a contribution will help us out also! We left behind a lot of our friends at Boomers who deserve an opportunity for a bright future just like us – and they sure could use a foster home also.

We hope we get a few of our human friends to help us. We’re counting on you, you’re our only hope.


The McKinsey’s – Machu, Pichu, SoCo, Dexter and Sofie.

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